A06B-6081-H103 fanuc alpha power supply A06B-6081-H103 (PSMR-3) fanuc alpha power supply module
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a06b6081H103 fanuc A06B-6081-H103
  • Fanuc Alpha PSMR Series Power Supply
  • PSMR-3 Fitted with tiny Alpha drive system based 0M, 0T, 15, 16, 18, 21 controls
  • Exchange in stock - Always. Surplus stock available as spares !
  • 180 day warranty on Exchange, Repair.

psmr3 18i india

Price: POA - A06B-6081-H103.

a06b-6081-H103 in stock

A06B-6081-H103 Alpha Power Services:

Available stock on the smaller A06B-6081-H103 Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Module. Normally this PSMR-11 is fitted on smaller machine tools, with limited servo and spindle drive configuations. The A06B-6081-H103 like the entire 6081 series was originally fitted with the earlier generation of Type A servo's and spindle amplifier drives driven from all the Serial 0M and 0T and non I versions of the 15, 16, 18, 20, 21 control systems. The PSMR-5.5 A06B-6081-H103 is in stock, prices are world class, and DNC Germany can ship this drive throughout Europe today, warranty is 180 days on exchange and repair basis, test and repair facilities are available, spare stock is available on the A06B-6081-H103.


a06b6081H103a06b6081H103 psmrA06B-6081-H103Fanuc Alpha Spindle / Fanuc Alpha Servo
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