A06B-6096-H205 fanuc servo fssb alpha twin A06B-6096-H205 (SVM2-20/40 FO) fanuc alpha servo
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svm2-20/40 fssb
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a06b6096H205 fanuc A06B-6096-H205
  • Fanuc Alpha SVM-20/40 Series Servo Amplifier
  • Dual Axis FSSB Fanuc Serial Servo Bus Alpha Module
  • Fitted with serial 0i, 15i, 16i, 18i, 21i controls
  • Exchange in stock - Always. Surplus stock available on request!
  • 180 day warranty on Exchange, Outright & Repair.

Price: POA - A06B-6096-H205.

a06b-6096-H205 in stock

A06B-6096-H205 Alpha FSSB Dual Services:

20/40 fssb
Full range of services are available for the A06B-6096-H205 Fanuc Alpha Servo Amplifier Module (FSSB). Normally this SVM2-12/40 twin axis servo has been fitted on less expensive machines not requiring independent regen per axis. The A06B-6096-H205 like the entire 6096 series utilizes the FSSB Fanuc serial servo bus interface from control systems, including 0i-M, 0i-T, 15i, 16/18i, 21i generations both M, T, P and W versions. The A06B-6096-H205 is in stock, prices are world class, and DNC Germany can ship this drive throughout EU today, warranty is a refurbished exchange is 180 days, test and repair facilities are available, and some surplus spares i.e. spare availability is possible on the A06B-6096-H205.


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