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DNC Electronics GmbH stock an ever increasing range of Fanuc batteries for backup devices on parts of various Fanuc CNC control systems, power supply units, Alpha servo amplifiers with absolute feedback and various powermate's. Both the psu's and the powermates are the modular type ranging from 1.5 volt,3 volt through to 6 volt. Full collection of Fanuc batteries in stock.

Fanuc Battery for Alpha Servo Drives & Controls & PowerMate Fanuc Batteries for boards from DRIVES, CONTROLS, POWER SUPPLY UNITS
  • A02B-0072-C014
  • A02B-0076-K812
  • A02B-0083-C021
  • A02B-0084-J289
  • A02B-0087-J091
  • A02B-0087-K200
  • A02B-0094-C106
  • A02B-0118-K111
  • A02B-0120-K106
  • A02B-0130-K101
  • A02B-0130-K106
  • A02B-0163-H141
  • A02B-0168-K111
  • A02B-0177-K106
  • A02B-0200-K102
  • A02B-0200-K106
  • A02B-0309-K102
  • A03B-0805-K011
  • A06B-6073-K001
  • A06B-0073-K002
  • A06B-6073-K003
  • A06B-6073-K004
  • A06B-6073-K005
  • A06B-6093-K001
  • A06B-6114-K504
  • A06B-6135-K001
fanuc batterys

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