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fanuc servo drive boards


CNC Asia offer servo drive controller boards from the Fanuc AC Servo Amplifier Units from Series 6057 1st gen Digital, 6058 S series and the firing boards from the 6066 C Series. All the Fanuc servo boards are from Digital systems, and CNC Asia have nearly every single board in stock NOW for single and dual axis of all the digital servo amps, and the triple axes boards from the S series servo drives. Servo boards are available with 180 days warranty standard on exchange and repair service for companies from Australia, India, China, Singapore, Pakistan, Thailand, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malyasia and other Asia Pacific countries. Prices are second too none, and the service is excellant for All Fanuc Drive boards, but especially the Fanuc Servo Drive boards.

fanuc servo drive boards
A16B-1100-0330 A20B-1001-0430
A16B-1200-0670 A20B-2900-0610
A16B-1200-0680 A20B-2900-0620
A16B-1200-0720 A20B-2900-0630
fanuc servo controller cards

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