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DNC offer a massive range of Digital servos from Fanuc's range of 3 digital servo drive units. Fanuc AC servo drive unit series, include the Fanuc AC Series A06B-6057 1st generation of Fanuc digital servo drive - which was normally parred with the digital 10/11 and 0A. This was replaced by the Fanuc S series A06B-6058, probably Fanuc (Asia & Europe) and GE Fanuc (America's) biggest selling drives within their CNC packages to machine tool manufacturers. Lastly the C series servo drives, which other than the pre alpha E series, was the last of the Fanuc AC servo amplifiers. Fanuc servo drives from us come with a 180 day warranty available on our massive stocks of Exchange to save money, our hundreds of surplus (especially S series - group wide over 150+ in stock - of nearly all types), and our excellant test facilities on our test rigs located in our repair centre's. GE Fanuc servo drives from DNC are available to -> Europe region, inclusive of Germany, France, Holland, Poland, Czech Rep, Belgium, Denmark, Austria and other European nations. Prices are second too none, and the service is excellant for All Fanuc Servo Drives.

fanuc servo drive s amplifier A06B-6058

Fanuc S Series Servo Amplifier (A06B-6058-Hxxx) - Model 2-0S up to model 30S, single dual and triple axis drives available.

  • 6058 S Series Servo Exchange in stock
  • 6058 S Servo Drives Surplus Outrights Spares in stock - On Sale
  • 6058 S Unit Repair and Testing Available for the 6058 S Series
fanuc servo drive c amplifier unit A06B-6066 Fanuc C Series Servo Amplfier (A06B-6066-Hxxx) - Model 5-0S up to model 40S
  • 6066 C Series Servo Exchange available
  • 6066 C Series Amp Surplus
  • 6066 C Unit test and repair facilties for 6066 models.
fanuc servo drive ac amplifier unit a06b6057 Fanuc AC Servo Amplifier Unit (A06B-6057-Hxxx) - Digital Model 0 upto model 30S, single and dual axis drives available.
  • 6057 AC Digital servo available - exchange stock.
  • 6057 AC Servo Drives Surplus Outright.
  • 6057 AC Servo Unit fault diagnosis and repair

CNC Asia also carry Fanuc servo fuses, Fanuc servo transistor modules, and more importantly Fanuc servo boards.

fanuc servo series c s

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