A14B-0061-B103 fanuc input power supply unit A14B-0061-B103 Fanuc Power Supply
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A14B-0061-B103 fanuc


  • Fanuc Input Power Unit for 6A, 6B, 6BII controls
  • Exchange stock available for this Fanuc 10 / 11 I/P Unit
  • A14B-0061-B103 stock surplus available on these I/P units
  • 180 day warranty throughout Asia Pacific.



A14B-0061-B103 Input Power Unit Services:

i/p B103
Fanuc A14B-0061-B103 Input Power Unit in stock and available for Fanuc 3 and series 6 controls and variations. This Fanuc A14B-0061-B103 I/P unit is fitted on many machine tools that are out in the metal machining companies of Germany, France, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece and Russia and other European nations. The A14B-0061-B103 was fitted on controls from the following series: 3M, 3T, 6M, 6T, 6P, 6G for turning centre, machining center, press puncher, grinder, wire. The quickest and easiest option DNC offer is A14B-0061-B103 exchange cost - which is an excellant price, and is available today !!! Testing and repair services are available if time premits, and there is stock of this PSU for surplus outright sale, warranty is 180 days on the A14B-0061-B103


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