Fanuc io i-o unit module 11 15 asia pacific FANUC I-O UNITS fanuc io units
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Fanuc i-o units


DNC Electronics GmbH offer a massive range - even more in stock than listed. Interface Module, AC & DC output and input modules with analog and digital interfacing, as well as pulse & Hi-speed counter modules: Including AD04A, DA02A, CT01A, DA03A, IF01A, IF01D, OD16B, OD32B, OD64B, OD16C, OA16D, OA16E, ID16C, ID64C, ID16, IA16E, ID16A, ID64A, ID16B, ID64B, OD32A, OD64A, AIF01A, AAD04A, ADA02A, AID16D, AID16L, AOD16C, AOD16D, AOA08E, A0R16G, AIO40A i-o units. The Fanuc I-O units were fitted on Fanuc 11, 15, and later control systems and can be supplied to Australia, India, China, Singapore, Pakistan, Thailand, New Zealand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Malyasia.

fanuc input output module interface backplane
A03B-0801-C013 A03B-0801-C133
A03B-0801-C051 A03B-0801-C135
A03B-0801-C052 A03B-0801-C137
A03B-0801-C053 A03B-0801-C140
A03B-0801-C054 A03B-0801-C141
A03B-0801-C055 A03B-0807-C011
A03B-0801-C101 A03B-0807-C051
A03B-0801-C102 A03B-0807-C052
A03B-0801-C104 A03B-0807-C104
A03B-0801-C111 A03B-0807-C114
A03B-0801-C112 A03B-0807-C153
A03B-0801-C113 A03B-0807-C154
A03B-0801-C117 A03B-0807-C158
A03B-0801-C118 A03B-0807-C161
A03B-0801-C119 A03B-0807-C200
A03B-0801-C121 A03B-0819-C053
A03B-0801-C123 A03B-0801-C4xx
A03B-0801-C125 A16B-1310-0010
A03B-0801-C129 Fanuc 15 Control Boards
Fanuc 11 Control Boards Fanuc I-O Boards
fanuc I-O backplane series 11 15 bridgeport leadwell miyano

fanuc io visafanuc analog digital input output module mastercardfanuc ac dc control i/o module
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