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Fanuc master pcb


DNC Electronics GmbH offer a massive range of Fanuc Master Boards - even more in stock than listed. From Early Fanuc 5 Section A & B control boards, to the latter Fanuc 0-C master pcb's pre - modular 15, 16, 18, 21, etc. The Fanuc Master PCB's in some cases are analogue and have on board axis control, video graphic driver, power supply unit built onto the master, while others are Digital and in early cases controlled drives, in others rely on peripheral Fanuc cards to plug into the Master Board in a modular fashion. Fanuc Master Boards are from control systems, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, 0A, 0B, 0C, 0D, 0E, 0F, 0G, 0M, 0P, 0T, and more. CNC can supply Fanuc Master PCB throughout Asia Pacific, including Australia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Veitnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Pakistan, and China.

fanuc main boards
A16B-1000-0030 A16B-1010-0321
A16B-1010-0040 A16B-1010-0330
A16B-1010-0041 A16B-1010-0331
A16B-1010-0110 A20B-0007-0010
A16B-1010-0140 A20B-0008-0200
A16B-1010-0141 A20B-0008-0410
A16B-1010-0150 A20B-1002-0360
A16B-1010-0190 A20B-1003-0760
A16B-1010-0200 A20B-2000-0170
A16B-1010-0210 A20B-2000-0175
A16B-1010-0240 A20B-2000-0180
A16B-1010-0280 A20B-2001-0060
A16B-1010-0281 A20B-2002-0651
A16B-1010-0285 Fanuc 6 Control Boards
A16B-1010-0286 Fanuc 10 Control Boards
Fanuc 3 Control Boards Fanuc 15 Control Boards
Fanuc 11 Control Boards Fanuc 0C Control Boards
Fanuc 0A Control Boards Fanuc 16/18
Fanuc 0B Control Boards Fanuc 21
fanuc master pcb series 11 15 bridgeport takisawa miyano

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